Trip of a lifetime.

In 2005 I was more than a year since a messy split with my wife of 16 years. We had 2 young kids at the time and things were pretty tough in so many ways at the time. A new person in my life convinced me that I needed a vacation to recharge myself. So in early 2006 I took my first real vacation out of the country. The trip was to Mexico, Puerto Vallarta, it was exciting and incredible. The travel bug had fully entrenched itself deep within my psychy and pretty much every year since then I have travelled somewhere. Colette was new to my life at that time and between her and my friend Bruce I had no chance but to say ok to the trip. The weather was fantastic, people were great, tattoo everlasting, the food and drinks just tasted better. It was great to go somewhere and take a break from my troubles and problems. I was surprised by some people’s reaction of oh that sounds like a trip of a lifetime. That sentence always stuck out in my mind because some people look at a trip out of the country as something to do every 20 years, if that frequent at all. Despite my telling friends and family that travel is very safe (despite the media portaying so many places as a death trap) and that the experience itself can help you appreciate the things that we have at home. Some people talk about travelling when they retire and put it off until then. Too many times over the years I have seen people who want to travel put it off as there will always be time later. The time never comes as many obstacles keep popping up. Maybe it is money, well there is always going tobe something that you need to save for, kids, education, new car, renovations and the list goes on and on. If it isn’t money maybe it is your partner becomes a stick in the mud. Your health or your partner’s health prevents you from travelling through diminished capacity. The list goes on and on as time goes on more reasons come along as to not travel. Travel should be expienced when we are young and crave that sense of the unknown. Trust me when I say time is not on your side. If you never make travel a priority it will never happen and that is a shame since it is a big world out there with so many things to see and do. Seeing how other people live is an eye opening experience. Is everything on your travels going tobe great, probably not.  However having a story to tell about the tattoo you got when drunk, or being pickpocketed by a pack of 12 year olds will make you more interesting for years to come.   Afterall as time goes on we always assume that our health will always be there and trust me, it won’t.  I have seen friends and family who always had the “I will travel when I get older” mentality and when that time came it was too late.  So my advise make it a priority and get out there and live before you are no longer able to.

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