Lessons We Have Learned About Life and Death

How Travel Has Changed The Way We See Life and Death

Well here we are in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.  We are not on vacation, I can see how people can make that comment and it’s ok.  Envy looks good on people from time to time.  Financially may have been better off staying at work.  Physically, mentally and emotionally I am happy with the path that I have taken, even if it wasn’t the one we started on.  This journey was a long time in coming and sometimes I wonder if we should have waited.  If we would have waited we would have missed so much.

If things would have happened any other way or timed any differently I would have missed the incredible experiences that spanned only a small moment in time.  Had I not turned my head to see a juvenile whale shark or the great cup of coffee on the road to Pai if we would have kept going.  Things happen for a reason?  Maybe.  Something else controlling our destiny?  Don’t know, kinda doubt it, but having that Jedi belief mashed with buddhist.  Maybe something but not in the way we imagine.  I believe when we die there is an energy that we all have.  That energy can exist without the body, I don’t think that the body can live without some sort of energy.  Many around me believe in God.  I am ok with that for the most part.  I am not ok when it is used to force a narrow point of view and worse push their beliefs on others, even if the ones on the recieving end of the push don’t have the same beliefs.  And yet here we are as a result of that fight.

We are brought into this world naked, scared and shocked.  Many in one way or another spend the rest of their lives like that well maybe not so much the naked part.   The scared and shocked part, yes.  We as a society put so much pressure on young people, what do you want to be when you grow up.  We put them through an education system that does little to really prepare a person for life once they are beyond the school.  Some bad parents, some good and not enough great parents.  Parenting has the ability to really help society meld together, rarely does that seem tobe the case more and more as time goes on.  Did I need thearpy after my childhood?  No.  Could I have used some therapy?  May not the best person to be used as a scale of comparison for the normal definition.  At at the age of 49 I found myself standing in a grave yard in Puerto Vallarta Mexico November 2, Day of the Dead festivities.  We had been taking some pictures and video of things  during the last 5 days of celebrations.  I was alone in a part of the cemetary and I stopped.  For a moment the music had died down a bit ( no pun intended).  The voices were not as loud and I found myself alone with my thoughts in silence.  What would our lives be like if as children we came to see a cemetary as a place to come and visit family and friends who have left this life behind?  What will people remember about me when I am gone.  Would I want a big ceremony?  Buried, with or with a coffin, cremated  or maybe planted.  If we stopped to look at the ages of some of the departed a wide range of lives are shown to us.  Young, old, some with life to live and some who have lived a life and smiled about it until the end of their lives.