Learning New things

Learning new things

Why is it that some people are terrified of learning new things. Is it reluctance to spend time with your new tv and remote control to fully understand it. The fear of the cables being plugged into the wrong slot creating an explosive fire hazzard to the home or worse getting the wireless settings to work. In my mid to late 40’s I thought it would be interesting to learn to code. HTML seemed easy enough lol. That unforgiving collection of angle brackets, punctuation and abreviations. After 3 months I had covered the basics of HTML only to learn it is a small part of the code needed for building a web page. Java script, Php, CSS and other things I have not built up the courage just yet but maybe over time. It seems not so essential when you consider WordPress is so quick and easy. By quick I mean watching videos and tutorials, starting over a number of times only to scrap everything and start from scratch again. Two weeks later putting the finishing touches on the web page. But hey I am getting there. Not too many people in my age category (not quite as old as dirt but old enough to look at kite boarding and think that is cool, I don’t know if I could walk after trying that) would try to challenge themselves to learn something difficult like this. Lets face it most people probably don’t even use all the buttons on their phones home screen or even know how to change the default ring tone on their phone. As I get older yes some things do seem take a little more time to seep into the grey matter (brain). I like the challenge and yes sometimes it drives me to drinking but I am learning that problem solving is not a bad thing. As long as tylenol or some other pain relief medication is handy or a beer is close by I can usually work my way through it. Using your brain and challenging it will keep it healthier longer. As I get older that means a lot to me as I come to accept that the youth has come to past, hey I am not dead yet. I want to enjoy life as long as I can and this is one way of doing it. Challenge yourself and learn new things.

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