What is the best paddle?

Good Day where ever your solez may have taken you today.  Whether that was to the kitchen for a cup of coffee or someplace more exotic like work, coffee shop, friend’s place or the Pacific Northwest Regionals in Bend, OR.  Which is where we are now.  While I was getting ready to ask a player for an interview a second player came over and the conversation immediately went to the paddle.  Both players were using the long narrow type one from Manta and one from Selkirk.  Both players loved the extra snap they can generate from the longer paddle.  One player had some extra weight applied to his paddle as he liked a little heavier paddle as he felt that it gave him a little more control and stability for playing the ball.  The other player liking the lighter feel as it gave him more control.  I notice more and more players opting for the longer and narrow paddle.  As much as they talked about how much they love their paddles they also had the same thought every now and again when they get that bad shot off of the edge or just miss the ball.  Maybe if the paddle was just a little wider.  Now these were a couple of 4.5 players and the final question became.  With all the shots that you make because of the shape and design of the paddle you have.  Are you willing to change it because of a few shots that you miss?  I know many people will usually have a couple of different paddles, usually more of the material and weight, but how many have different paddles of different lengths and widths?  Have you tried the long and narrow?  This question is a lot like “what is the best car?” and the answer is “The one that best suits your needs.”  I have yet to try one myself so for now my basic paddle will have to do.  That and I am waiting for the pickleball skill fairy to stop by and bless me with a little / some ability to keep the ball out of the net.

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