Pickleball; Couples Therapy

Well today was interesting.  One of us did not get enough caffine into their system in time so it was a long testy morning.  Shortly after lunchtime after a few hours of bickering back and fourth we needed something to release the pressure.  We realised that we had our equipment in the car and decided that it would be a great idea to go and play some pickleball.  Ok so it wasn’t so much the need for some social interaction with other human beings.  No this was more about the overwhelming desire to smash a ball at one another.  After a few warm up hits back and fourth the game was on.  I was never into racket sports growing up.  Colette use to play badminton and tennis to name a few ( until pickleball came along volleyball and slow pitch were Colette’s favorites ).  I was into sports but more the grab and punish (wrestling and rugby).  Since pickleball is generally a non contact sport I have a little bit of a learning curve to go through.  Even though I might be a little more agile the lack of racket control was horribly apparent.  I have kept telling Colette that she is the better player but she disagrees, except for today.  11-4 then 11-7 in her favor.  At that point she says “well I think that is it for the day, I am getting tired and you may start to outplay me.”  WTF I think to myself deep down the only one hurting here is me and my fragile ego.  “Fine, let’s go”.  A little hug and a kiss and the pains of defeat begin to melt away.  The pissyness that we had earlier in the day was left on the court.  A little competition and some running around does us all a little good, and I believe we can all benefit from a little more exercise as we get older.  Shoot most of us could use a little more exercise at all ages.  As we get older it is easier to not try things and sometimes we miss out.  I remember the first time I heard about pickleball and it was described as an “old person sport”.  I have since learned that it is anything but just an “old person sport”.  Learning something new at all ages is healthy.  As we get older it is beneficial to keep learning new things and pickleball gets the whole body going.  It is not just a sport for the aging generation because it can be competetive at all ages and abilities.  Being social can help makes us feel a little less alone in the world.  The feeling of crushing your opponent never gets old and if you lose today, practice and try again later.  Even if you never beat that one person, I hope that you never lose sight of the fact that when all is said and done, pickleball is a game, have fun.  Today it was more than just fun, it was therapy.

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