First game of pickleball in Canada

Well yesterday was our first time playing pickleball since we have been back in Canada. We started playing when we were staying in Chiang Mai Thailand and have been hooked since. Our club in Thailand was very friendly, competitive but laid back. We also stopped in at Hua Hin Thailand for a game as we were passing through. Our first time playing in doors, air-con courts, more people and a different structure. We were not quite sure what to expect playing for the first time here in Canada at our local courts here in Kelowna. 12 courts, a club with hundreads of members. Oh yeah and we haven’t swung the paddle in 3 months, nor exercised in that last month since being back in Canada. Just bought our first racqet paddle. How bad could it be. We were happy that we didn’t completely embarass ourselves, tylenol got used and we survived the night without any permanent harm or lasting effects. This means we can play again today (happy dance).

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